Stonehedge takes pride in being a "green" company from start to finish. We start with a digital sketch which transforms into a computer generated design. The customer and Stonehedge then sign a digital contract which can be emailed or printed, if desired. While we are on your site, we make a conscious effort to recycle all waste materials such as wood, plastics, broken concrete and brick, and paper products.

Being green doesn't stop with recycling materials and being essentially paperless. We strive to be environmentally friendly by reusing rain water in our office and on your job site. We also try to burn less fossil fuels by purchasing battery operated equipment when possible.

Stonehedge also offers many alternative products including reclaimed wood, stone, pavers, rubber mulch, and other materials. We also restore furniture and antiques which can be integrated into one of your projects. Speak with one of our 'green-hearted' team members today to learn more about the green services Stonehedge has to offer.